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Just posted a lot of Lego specialty parts from a teacher. She is expecting at least $100 on the lot, saying that it is worth if parts bought new approx $300.

Some other guy stated that it is not worth even the opening bid value, but only the NXT motors and the ultrasonik sensor in the lot seem to be at least $90.

So I want a fair and honest opinion - if you have the time and the willingness to do it - regarding the fair market value for this lot so that I can talk to the lady and lower her expectations if that is the case.

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If the opening price is indeed high, why would 33 people already watching this auction??? (eBay tells me how many people have decided to watch it).

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The starting price is low. She should meet her expectation and better! Go to

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and check the price for a couple of parts.

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You've got one bid now, so you are golden. With that many folks watching, it is likely that more bids will come in at the last moment.

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Yes, thank you all for the feedback. I didn't have toys (Legos and anything else) before for sale and don't know how these things are going in used condition.

It made sense to me that if out of the whole lot only 4 parts are worth almost $100 new, the whole lot should be worth at least $99.

And what she cals the NXT parts look like they were never touched.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

I think I am wiser (:-)

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Well, I expect she'll get $100+, but her reasoning is... poor, to say the least. For one thing, it's not what the "new" value is that she should be expecting to get, but what the going rate on eBay or similar sellers is. You can grab a whole NXT retail kit for about $150 on eBay currently, and that has *far* more in it from the standpoint of the NXT than this lot does (specificly, the NXT bricks).

I'm guessing either she or you decided to part out the NXT bricks seperately, as the most valuable item in the lot(s), but that also means the parts are only useful to folks who already have the kit (and therefore likely know the retail value). Also, you've grouped old- style (RCX type) sensors and motors with the new NXT components. While there is compatability between these two, you may have just wounded your ability to attract buyers - the bulk of "old style" buyers will be trying to grab this for the RCX stuff, and regard the NXT stuff as "loss", while the bulk of NXT component collectors will regard the RCX stuff as "old and useless", and so not want to pay for them either. The group you will likely attract are other eBay resellers... who are looking for a deal on a poorly-grouped lot that they can split up and remarket better (but they aren't inclined to pay top-dollar for).

Same reason I do sometimes - to get a listing of what the "going" value on eBay is as lots go for prices I wouldn't pay. Roughly 80% of the "watching" I do is on lots I have no intention of bidding on, for informational reasons.

Also note that the web site you linked to to reference prices is LEGO's educational branch... which is know to have the highest prices around for many items. Again, anybody who knows this is likely to assume the lot is being delibrately inflated.

-- Brian Davis

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Brian Davis

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