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Hi all,
> I was wondering how long a RCX (Mindstorms 2.0) may stay "online" (without
doing anything, just waiting for commands of the tower) with a standard
battery - set. Is it 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week ?

> Thanks for any answer !
> Greetings from Switzerland,
> Bernhard
FYI though - the RCX will time out and turn itself 'off' after a few minutes
unless you disable the option.
Michael Pender
Executive Manager
Nanochron, LLC
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Michael Pender
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Since we're on the subject, is there any way I can get my RCX to remember it's programming between battery changes? At this point I charge them overnight and re-insert them into the RCX in the morning. I don't like having to download the firmware each time.
Is there a way to replace the default programs (uploaded after Firmware installation) with some of my own, so I can transfer it all in one transmission?
Finally, I've seen in some pictures that RCX 1.0 bricks have a socket on the opposite end from the IR port. My RCX 2.0 doesn't have this. Is this a data port or a power port (I assume data). Why don't the new RCX's have them?
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Neb Okla
The point at the end of the RCX 1.0 is a mains/DC connector. It requires a Lego transformer as well. The RCX 1.0 also works fine on batteries.
I can never understand why this feature was deleted in subsequent RCXs. My guess is that it was a cost saving measure.
It's a very handy feature - specially for heavier duty use. I built the JP Brown Rubiks Cube solver and it is a 'must have' for this creation.
The RCX 1.0 also uses a serial (rather than USB) infrared transmitter. The two types of transmitters can both 'talk' to the 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0 RCX's.
A cool thing to try is point the infrared transmitter at your Lego cam and you can see the infrared flashes. You can't seem them with your normal vision, but they show up fine on your screen through a legocam.
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...snip... A person could add a memory capacitor to the bus to support the memory for a few hours without the batteries present, or modify the RCX to accept an AC-DC adapter.
- Mike
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Michael Pender
I found out that if you change the batteries one at a time and pretty fast, the memory isn't wiped out.
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Invest in 6 non-rechargables and insert them during the recharging of your rechargeables. They will last for years in that kind of service.
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Bob Fay
Invest in a second set of 6 rechargables and your rechargebles will live longer then when you charge them not synchroon.
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