Replacement Robolab CD

We are starting a Lego club at my kids' school (in preparation for
participating in LegoLeague next fall), and we are using some kits that the
school purchased a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the kit does not
seem to have the original CD with the software. I am looking online to
find someplace to download the software, but so far am unsuccessful. I
know that there are several replacement OS's that permit other languages
(C, Java) but for now I would like to stick with RoboLab for getting the
kids up to speed. How can I replace my lost software; if I must contact
Lego to do this, is there someone (an actual person, not a web site) that I
can call?
Also, the serial cable that should have come with the kit is missing. Is
this a stock serial cable, or a null modem cable?
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Lee Graba
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