Wanted -- PIRATE Minifigs

ARRGG Matey!!!

The Dread Pirate Clangador is recruiting

Wanted PIRATE Minifigs (Also interested in sabers, swords, axes and polearms.)

I will pay 0.75 for used pirates and 1.00 for new.

I will also trade for pirate minifigs.

Contact: snipped-for-privacy@comcast.net

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Chris Yoder
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Have you considered Bricklink

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and Ebay
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I'm not sure you are going to find any that cheap... Certainly no Imperial Guards/Soldiers.

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Kay Archer

"Kay Archer" banged on the keyboard long enough to hammer out news:c4q698$2kgd24$ snipped-for-privacy@ID-176353.news.uni-berlin.de:

But is BrickLink a barrrrgain? (I'm sorry, but it just had to be done!)

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