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"BarryB3940" wrote in message:
" -- I am looking for a good used Autodialer II. Does anyone have one gathering dust. Please email me."
Why do you want one of those... Many states these days are into the whole fad of "DO NOT CALL LISTS" the fines are in the THOUSANDS for each call made that is 'unsolicited'... And I am sure that a money poor state will research your phone records if they receive a few complaints... Are you sure that you want to become a test case for the new laws ???
A well placed ad in print or in the phone book is much more effective than calling random people...
It really sucks these days that whatever you do however you go about doing it someone could try and sue you to make their fortune off of your misery...
Good luck in your search...
Evan the maintenance man
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It was a joke Barry. I wouldn't sell one over the net to someone I just met. If you're a locksmith you know how much it is. If not, well. Got your e-mail. Have a good one man. Me, I'm bringing in the money tonite, Super Bowl and all.
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Glen Cooper

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