baldwin lever gear assembly

Any idea locateing a replacement part. (gear assembly)

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sheryl wright
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phone book? forget Lowes and the like, go to the SPECIALITY hardware stores, that deals in the fancy grade locksets for houses.. the one that sells all the very high dollar knobs for the half million dollar houses.. maybe call Baldwin and ask them if they sell parts or who does in your area. --Shiva--

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I would try Baldwin.

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Roger Shoaf

One of the Baldwin locks (I'm th inking the leverset) had a bad gear box. I got their 800 number from my locksmith wholesale house, and called them. Couple days later I had a replacement gearbox in my hand. No charge to me.

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Stormin Mormon

Hi Sheryl, You taking over In A Flash now? What is it you want? Part ID?

Mr. ED

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Glen Cooper

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