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Wrong group </sarcasm off> ;-)

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Dave Wallen
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In my part of the world (New York) it is snowing.

I was leaving a parking lot, and noticed a car stuck nose first into a snowbank. Stopped to help. We were up to Plan C, before we managed to get the car out. Plan A was for me to shovel some snow out from under the drive wheels. Plan B was to pitch a bag of kitty litter under the wheel that was spinning. Plan C was to get out my rope, and tie from their frame to my truck, and give them a pull.

As I was leaving, I said what I always say. Be nice to someone else. Ask him (or her) to be nice to someone else, and someday it will get back to me.

I leave you with that instruction -- be nice to someone else.

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Stormin Mormon

first into a

managed to get

from under the drive

the wheel that was

their frame to my

someone else. Ask him

get back to me.


agree ! what goes around usually comes back around. unfortunately it works both ways...

g'day all

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I use the expression "Pass it on"


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Bob DeWeese, CML

I can never forget this. Once I went to the local farm supply store that had an auto service section.I had all new tires put on the car.Ran around $150.00(few years ago). To my suprise, I found out I was 75 cents short,and the guy at the register would'nt let me bring the 75 cents later. I was so frikkin' pissed!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a man and woman in line behind me and the woman kind of gestured toward the man and he dug in his pocket and gave me 75 cents. I thanked them over and over. There it was working the other way.


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Yep, and always hand them a business card to remember you by.

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Steve Paris

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