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I own coin operated equipment such as video games and pinballs etc.
Sometimes I need to cut a pad lock off. I bought some bolt cutters from
Harbor Freight and they couldn't cut a thing except maybe a small bolt.
Could someone reccomend what are considered the best Bolt Cutters out there.
And where to get them at the best price. Someone recently broke into some
of my games by sheer frorce with a crowbar but they also tried to get into
one of my locks and now my key can't open the lock. I can probably get some
bolt cutters onto the shakle part but it is a big tough lock. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. I hate to learn by trial and error.
State Street Arcade.
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Russ Lavergne
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What capacity bolt cutters did you use? I have Harbor Freight bolt cutters. They work fine up to their specified capacity. No bolt cutters are going to cut a shackle larger than their specified cutting capacity.
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I don't know they were the biggest ones they had. They just put a little dent into the shakel. Are there some locks that just can't be cut through with bolt cutters or are there some high quality professional grade cutters that are designed to go through just about any kind of lock that has a shakel you can get at?
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Russ Lavergne
The (metallurgical) quality of the cutters is a big issue - requiring hardness to cut through and low enough brittleness to avoid shattering. Looking at the HK Porter page indicates how much effort they have put into the cutting portion of the bolt cutter - the replacement jaws cost well over half of the total tool!
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Henry E Schaffer

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