Abloy with a T-handle

Need some help with this one.
I own coin operated equipment and this group has always been very
helpful with lock problems that encounter. I have another one I need
some help with.
I bought a bill changer from a auction and there is no way to get into
it unless you go through the plug or T-handle. I tried drilling into
the plug but couldn't put a dent into it. Does anyone have any
experience solving this kind of a problem? Thank you very much
Russ Lavergne
State Street Amusements
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Russ pay a locksmith to do it for you dont expect to go on line and have someone tell the whole world how to break in to your lock , when you get burglarized you will be crying the blues that everyone knows how to open your lock, come on think for a minute.
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Speaking only for myself, my policy is that I don't teach picking techniques unless I've personally known the person for two years.
You can find many forums on the web, but that's out of my control.
When I was new at locksmithing, I was completely fascinated by picking. Now, after 20+ years in the trade, it's an important part of the job, but not totally fascinating. There is so much more to the job.
The reasons I don't teach picking are several.
1) There is no way to know who is the person asking. Most people asking (or lurking and reading the posts) are decent people, but a few are not. So, I've decided simply not to say anything to anyone.
2) Picking locks is a "trade secret" like many other trades which have their techniques and systems.
3) A very small part of the security of locks is that so few people know how to pick them. So, by teaching lock picking, I make all locks less secure for the world. Not what I want to do.
4) Purely selfishly, I learned lock picking the hard way, with lots of practice, and you can do the same.
I wish you well. Hope this doesn't sound unkind, but the world isn't a nice place sometimes.
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alt-hvac Moderated
Russ: Aassuming you're legitimate (unlikely, but vaguely possible)... Would you really be happy if we told the entire Internet how to break into your machines? Especially a bill changer?
The box isn't easy to open. You don't *WANT* it to be easy to open. You don't want us to help people we don't know open it.
When you bought it at auction, the price of getting it professionally opened should have been factored in when you decided how much you were willing to pay for it. If you didn't, and overpaid as a result... well, you have my sympathy, but chalk it up as a learning experience.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
Actually this address has posted to Usenet before on topics related to these general sort of items. He's probably legit or has at least bothered to create a posting history for himself which is more than most of them do. Of course none of this solves the problem of posting this info to a public forum.
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You're not likely to find anyone here who's going to tell you how to compromise the machine. You also don't say what kind of lock is on it. Probably a tubular and from what you say most likely a hardened face one. You will have considerable trouble getting into it yourself. You could I suppose buy the appropriate tubular pick and try that but even then you will still need a key made or a new keyed lock installed once you finally get it open. Your cheapest option is to take the machine to a locksmith and have him or her open it up and make you a key. Call first and make sure they work with the type of lock you have.
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I got a call to a car wash, was broke into... you know Medeco are really fun to drill out as well, AFTER someone ELSE tried...ruined the box it was on...
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line and have
, when you get
knows how to open
agree.. he should pay an expert to open it. then watch and learn for future reference.
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how to break
easy to open. You
much you were
result... well,
it if it came with
like PYSH stated. quote: "When you bought it at auction, the price of getting it professionally opened should have been factored in when you decided how much you were willing to pay for it."
my2¢ -- "Key"
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Fastest and cheapest solution is to bring it to a locksmith.
If you want to do it yourself, try searching this group for abloy and drill and hardened. You'll find out how to get past the hardened face and the basic idea for the drilling. You'll still have a mess when you are done and will have to order replacement parts from a locksmith.
There was one thead that mentioned specifically how to drill abloy.
If you do my favorite trick and break the drill IN the lock, the locksmith will probably charge a premium to fix it. It's a PITA to get past the broken drill bit.
Good luck,
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A small cutting torch tip can usually be used to burn away the broken bit or extractor, or whatever you break off in something like that.
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