coin operated train set ?

seen a coin operated train set at a pizza place and have a friend that wants to
do the same thing in his tavern on a shelf around the bar. we have the train
almost in place, and have the coin box from a coin operated wall game like a
duck hunt or trapshoot. we need to know if anyone has any ideas how to
incorporate the coin box into a timer and into the train set so that we can
adjust the amount of time the train runs for each coin put in. the pizza place
gives you a free pizza if the train stops in the tunnel, and my friend wants to
give away a chicken dinner or something like that. the train he has plays the
chicken dance song as it runs. any suggestions would be appreciated. thx
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Get a coin box from one of those "magic fingers" massagers from a cheap hotel. It's already got the timer and on-off switch.
... and kill the chicken dance... ::AARRGGHH!!!!!!!::
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Joe Ellis

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