It's Just A Simple Key

It's Just A Simple Key
I had one key to my lock and that key I can't find.
It's just a very simple key, see there, that's the kind!
No, not that one - to your right. Oh! These are blanks you say.
Let me draw it for you. See here, the key is cut this way.
It's just a very simple key and it's about this wide,
And has two or three or four cuts, here along the side.
I think it has grooves in it; I don't believe it's flat.
Now, this is just how it looks and you can cut it from that.
You see; it's just a very small simple key.
While you're at it, make me three.
If they don't work, of course they're guaranteed?
On second thought, one is all that I will ever need.
author unknown
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