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A building near me has a whole lot of Best core locks. Most of them mounted the usual vertical (bible on top, so the notched side of the key is at

12:00). Some are leversets, which means horizontal keyway.

Personally, I like graphite when I can use it in the truck. Then, I can tip the cylinder upside down, or put graphite in while I have the plug out. But, what's a good lubricant when the locks are all installed, vertical?

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Stormin Mormon
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Personal bias: Silicone microsphere lubes. Apply wet; carrier fluid evaporates and you're left with a very thin layer of tiny ball bearings. Nothing to retain dust or moisture, lubes well, stays put well.

Graphite is always a religious debate. Used _properly_ -- an extremely light dusting -- it's fine, and it should distribute itself well enough to work on the "vertical" locks as well. But many folks are ham-handed with it, which defeats the purpose.

I don't have to tell you not to use anything even vaguely sticky, right? <grin/>

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Joe Kesselman

agree, however,WD washes itself with every use. I have never had a real problem with it in 24+ years of its use. again, "use wd-40 (more of a cleaner then a lube) to wash out any trash/dirt and then use a teflon type lube" but, I will go with contact cleaner to clean and almost any silicone based spray to lube.


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I've never been dissatisfied with wd40, but it sure does have its detractors here on the internet.

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WD40 to smooth things up when picking a problem lock. LPS-1 greaseless lubricant for mild weather exterior locks. LockEase graphited lock fluid for interior office locks.

LAB makes a good Teflon lock fluid (a bit pricey)...

Medeco and some other mfgs have specific lubes for use with their products (warranty)...

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yea, considering the length of time myself and many others have used it for many different applications, wd-40 speakes for itself.

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