Chevy 10 cut subs

I've got one of the new tencut keys -- it's huge, dorky, about a foot long,
and the P versions take up all kinds of space on my keyring.
Just for a personal key, can we sub something like a MZ09, or Datsun X6, and
get something a bit more normal size? Anyone tried this?
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Stormin Mormon
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no foreign.. what year is this and model? you CAN usually get a metal head, not the P.. UNLESS its a + or such --Shiva--
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Shazaam, you're fast. I did have a couple of the metal head keys, they were even longer than the P keys.
After some looking, the old X9 Volkswagan blank does the job. Have to file the shoulder back, and make the triangle sh ape head a lot narrower to fit into the wings on the ign.
The old Porsche Audi keys (with the big square bow) oughta work fine to make a doors only key. If someone like a teenager needs tog et stuff out of hte truck but isn't allowed to drive the vehicle.
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Stormin Mormon

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