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Hello, all. I'm certainly not the first to notice but inexpensive rotary dial padlocks such as Master Lock's 1500 series or even ancient ones like Yale & Towne's 515 series are opened using R-L-R typically. They can also be opened L-R-L using an alternate combination. To get the alternate for the 1500 series, subtract 6 from the first number (add

40 if the result is negative), add 3 to the second number, and the third number stays the same. The neat thing is often the L-R-L sequence results in turning the dial through shorter arcs than R-L-R and faster unlocking. Sincerely,
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J.B. Wood
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I've always used -8 and +4 on the Master 1500s, they're sloppy enough that either will probably work. This tends to thwart shoulder-surfers when opening a school locker as they won't notice the difference in rotation but pay attention only to the numbers.

Whether the arcs are shorter or longer will depend on the specific combination of that lock. I suspect that it will be about half and half.

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Jay Hennigan

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