Cosmo Safe Opening (2022 Update)

I just recently found a cosmo TB-3e safe and the batteries are dead. I pealed the sticker from around the touch pad and they were 5or6 screws under it. take only the 4 outside screws (the 4 corner ones) loose and remove the key pad. there is a ribbon plug with several brown wires, unplug it from the key pad and set it aside. take a stiff wire and bend a hook in it. insert it into the hole that the brown wires are in and try to pull out the two red wires, be careful not to break the wires. strip the wires and put a longer lead on each wire. (DO NOT cut the wires in two.)after you get the leads on plug the key pad back in and then take a 9volt battery and attach it to the leads. if the red LED light doesn't light up when you push the (C) button switch the contacts on the battery. the default code is (C123456#(pound sign). you will have 4 seconds to turn the knob to open the safe. the safe resets itself after 4 seconds opened or closed. Hope this helps anyone

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I just encountered the dead battery problem with my Cosmo TB-3E safe. In fact, the person in these posts, who provided the suggestion to pull off the key pad and gently pull up the two red wires, attach a 9v battery and enter the code he referenced (C123456#) was a huge help and he was pretty much 100% correct. With my safe there was a slight variance I'd like to share. First of all, there weren't two red wires. Instead, there was one red wire and one brown wire (separate from all the brown wires going to the key pad). These two wires go between the solenoid lock system and the battery pack. The best way to gain access to these two wires is to find the plastic wire tie that binds all the wires together. Carefully cut or break the wire tie (I used a pair of needle nose pliers and twisted the lock section of the wire tie until it broke). Then very carefully scrape the insulation off the red and brown wires I've referenced. Do not get too aggressive and cut these wires. Just get a bit of the insulation off so you start to see the metal wire inside the insulation. Then take two alligator clips and attach extension wires to them and then clip the alligator clips onto the safe's brown and red battery wires, where the insulation has been removed. Attach the other end of the wire from the alligator clips to a 9v battery. You will hear the solenoid start to make a clicking sound. Enter the code and turn the safe's lock knob. The safe will open.

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Is the door open

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Look on the inside of the door should be 6 numbered wheels set them

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