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These aren't "phony" locksmiths. These are real locksmiths doing what most locksmiths do: Price gouging and scamming. The news report at

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Claims 98% of the locksmiths they checked in yellow have no licenses. So let me get this straight: 98% of the locksmiths are "phony"??????? LMAO. Sorry, but no, 98% of the locksmiths are just crooked. I don't see claims that they couldn't do the work. The locksmith at the example above evidently drilled and replaced the lock because they don't complain that he didn't. Neither did any of the people who they interviewed claim that the work itself was unsatisfactory. So if these are "phony" locksmiths that must mean that any idiot can do a locksmiths job. This is ALOA strategy now that locksmith corruption is making the news all over the country: "Oh ummmm well they aren't REAL locksmiths, they are PHONY locksmiths." Never mind that they successfully do locksmith work, they just charge out the ass for it. This is the new locksmith strategy: Everytime a crooked locksmith gets caught just deny he's a locksmith. If they weren't real locksmiths the complaint would be that they couldn't do the job not that they did it and overcharged.

The way to take action against crooked scamming locksmiths is to:

  1. Refuse to pay them.
  2. Order them off your property at gunpoint.
  3. Call the police before they can and say they threatened to kill you, which in most jurisdictions not only justifies pointing a gun at them but also gives the cops grounds to arrest them.
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Walker Roberts

98% are also the same person with multiple listings.... .com who the hell advertises there? look in the phone book dummy! and ask for prices in advance! don't be scammed by the scammers and don't believe everything you see on tv.. dramatics.... stories sell...

btw I'm licensed in the state of NC! average lockout price is $50.00 by every licensed locksmith in OUR area.

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Roger Cann

"Walker Roberts" trolled in message

---snip walters dribble---

hey troll-boy, I mean walter. the subject was "HOW TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST "PHONY LOCKSMITHS" guess you have to change the subject to TRY and justify your response.

no real need to reply troll-boy.... <Plonk>

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Note Key's usual complete and utter failure to refute what was said or make any logical argument whatsoever and his usual cowardly run for the safety of the space under his bed before the other poster can even respond. Typical Doug. Remember boys and girls stay in school or you could wind up living in a trailer park and babbling inanely on usenet too.

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Note the complete lack of any evidence whatsoever to support this statement.

.com who the hell

As far as I can tell from a quick look most of the businesses in my regular yellow pages.

Does any of this refute the posters assertion that there was no complaint about the so called fake locksmiths being unable to do the job???? So if they aren't real locksmiths how come they can do a locksmiths job? Any answer for that? Anybody?

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