How would you design a burglar-proof house?

If you were to design a house to be highly burglar resistant and still
look like and be liveable as a house (not a concrete and steel bunker
with 2-foot thick bank-vault type doors) and were given a large budget
to do it, what steps would you take? What would you do about the
windows, etc.?
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Window solution =
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Steel clad 'SOLID TIMBER' external doors with grade 1 deadlocks fitted. And don't forget the roofing area, very easy to lift off tiles or shingles then come down through the man hole or just kick a big hole in your ceiling. A 'back to base' alarm system would be nice. A good 'home & contents' insurance policy also will help you sleep at night.
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Steve Paris
Don't forget about the floorboards, they have been known to be jacked up with a car jack and a bit of pipe.
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lately there's been a rash of break-ins through the roof in our area
Good alarm system w/cellular back-up is reccommended... and pray to God you have a half way decent response time from the locals.
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"RC" da "PCDJ
resistant and still
steel bunker
large budget
about the
good alarm and a adequate, paid up, insurance policy :-)
no flame intended
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in order of effectiveness...
1) Nosey neighbor
2) Dog(s) (preferably big ones, but "yappers" will usually suffice)
3) Good lighting (and keep shrubbery around windows to a minimum)
4) Good locks (if AHJ permits, double cylinder dead bolts. If they come in through a window, they're leaving by a window... which looks a lot more suspicious that carrying a TV out through the front door) mounted on *good doors/frames* with heavy duty strikes
5) Alarm system (If all else fails...)
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Bob DeWeese, CML
Monolithic slab or well-designed basement goes without saying, since a crawl space gives a burglar a good hiding place to work from. Windows could be barred, filmed, or could have good shutters installed, if you're mostly interested in protection while away. Tin roof and sturdy roof sheathing.
If you're worried about keeping burglars out while you're home, spend a lot of time on the front porch grooming your rottweilers and cleaning your guns. Better yet, spend a lot of time in the yard teaching the dogs to shoot.
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build it with 3 sides underground (built into the side of a hill)
then only one side of the house need be secure
build it out of concrete for fire protection
also cuts energy bill by about 80%
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