I just love it when a plan comes together

Got a call today from a bar and grill. It is new years eve, and their lock
on the liquor close has broken. Key goes in, and just goes around and
Went out and found that the tail piece had broken (I knew this before
leaving the house but didn't know it was an IC system).
As it happens, I had serviced an IC system earlier in the year, and had
another tail. And a core, which had a couple change keys for it, and a core
I'm going back to pop in a replacement core, write a bill, and walk out with
some money. Just love it when a plan comes together.
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Stormin Mormon
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Remember these words and save yourself lots of time and gas, "Tell me, what does it say on your key?". This and other questions when taking in jobs will save you hours for the minutes you invest.
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Roger Shoaf
BTW, I did finish the job on those Balwins.4 locks repinned.Went fairly smooth.I had to tighten up the inside plate on the front door.Split tailpeice on the DB was a PITA at first-but got it done-
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