Don't you just love life imitating art.

The recent tv advertising campaign in the UK for a leading bank showing a racing driver and his race car being constructed from a boxed Airfix kit, has had so many people asking about the availability of it that .... oh well, read this from the Airfix site Latest News section.

"Santander, the parent company of the Abbey Bank, and a sponsor of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One team, have produced a stunning advertisement featuring Lewis Hamilton building an ?Airfix? kit. We are now in discussion with McLaren to produce an Airfix kit of a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One Car as soon as possible."

And the advert that started it all.

Bagsy we all contact Airfix asking when the JunkYard Wars/Scrapheap Challenge sets are available. This would consist of a large box of distorted bits of sprue and parts of old kits that we could make Heath Robinson contraptions out of.

I rather like the idea of the melon firing cannon, but scaled down to fire grapes.

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Richard Brooks
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that sounds like a few kits i've bought recently

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You been buying Starfix again????

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The Old Man

Hey... a few of them were buildable. I get them for $1 each at a local supermarket for paint practice.

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