Just when I thew it away

You know, when you read this, half of you guys are going to smile and shake
your head. And half of you will think I made this up, and half of you will
know exactly what I mean.
About six months ago, I decided that I had too much clutter around. Well, I
still do, so maybe it's just me.
I looked at a LOT of old blanks, and figured most of them I'd not used since
1986 when I started my shop. I've cut probably two Elgin, maybe one Clinton
CL-1, and so on.
So, I threw out all the old Curtis steelies, and threw out most of the odd
blanks I've never used.
The phone rang yesterday, and gal has an old Yale key, which she needs
copied. Turns out, sure as she said, it is a five pin Yale door key. That
key blank looks familiar.... sure enough, it's a Curtis Y-3. I've not cut
one of those, ever. In the twenty years or so I've been in business. And
sure as can be, she wants four more of the apartment key, and one more dup
of the master key.
I searched a while, and can't find any. Got her number. More searching, and
after she left I found "three" of those blanks.
Don't ever throw anything away....
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Stormin Mormon
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Now, wait a minute! That's THREE halves! That's more that you're allowed to have.
Oh. That's right. You're a Mormon! ;)
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Bob DeWeese, CML
I've found that there are three types of people in this world. Those who can count, and those who can't.
Oh, reminds me I've got a good clutter of old key blanks, if a need should occur out there.
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Stormin Mormon
to smile and
and half of you will
that you're allowed
:-) good one :-) :-)
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