Installing a Baldwin Estate (w/mortise) lock in a Thermatru Fiberglass door

I have a Thermatru Class-Craft fiberglass door that offers "solid oak square edges and a sturdy full length lock stile." According to the technical specifications, it has a full-length 3.5" engineered lumber core.

The Baldwin Estate collection locks uses one of 2 mortises. Both are

5.5" tall but for a 2.5" backset, the mortise is 3.75" deep; for the 2.75" backset, the mortise is 4.25".

My question is can the Baldwin lock be installed on the Thermatru door?

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Michael Skvarenina
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Michael Skvarenina wrote: > My question is can the Baldwin lock be installed on the Thermatru

I'd ask the door manufacturer. I would *guess* the answer to be "yes, but you're going to significantly weaken the door's resistance to force attacks".

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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam

Yes it can. The lock body will extend beyond the lumber on the edge but this should cause no mischief. Choose the backset that will look best on the door.

The critical thing to do on a Baldwin lock is to cut the mortise and drill the holes accurately. Just a little off and things start to stick and bind.

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Roger Shoaf

on the edge but

will look best on

mortise and drill

to stick and bind.

in the solvent.

understand that is the proper installation. however, I can see how it would weaken the doors strength.


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I would call up baldwin Tech support and speak to them before you do anything. We install a lot of Baldwin in a neighborhood with houses that are at least 100 years old, and sometimes I am amazed at the suggestions Baldwin comes up with. Their tech staff has always helped up through any interesting installation.

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Michael Skvarenina

I worked with baldwin for many years and for the most part have had nothing but problems with it the last time I talked to tech support " I am using that term loosely" they told me to hand file parts to make them work properly as that was what they did at the factory and there cylindrical stuff is just as bad or worse. Just my opinion gut if you want good decorative try corbins new line. John Middleman

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