Baldwin Keyed Lock Disassembly

I need to swap the keyed cylinder from my old defective Baldwin keyed entry lock. Baldwin sent a new lock but mine are keyed alike. Any help? TIA Terry

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Take the pins out of your old one and put them in your new one in the same positions or take it to a locksmith.

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Keyed entry? there are several variations on the theme. If it was a mortise lock or a tubular dead bolt you probably would not be asking the question, so my best guess is that you have a key in the knob or a key in the lever lock.

On these the key is inserted turned, and a pin is inserted into the little hole on the latch side of the outer knob spindle and the retainer is depressed and the outer knob of lever can then be pulled off. The cylinder comes out the back side and you can swap them.

In the alternative, If you want to use the shiny new cylinder in the shiny new lock, prior to installing the lock bring it to the locksmith and have him re-key the new lock to match the old key.

Save the clunker for parts.

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Roger Shoaf

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