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Has nothing to do with the VIN. Depends on the year, make and model. Many possible different locations, or not on the vehicle at all. BBE.
r> > I have curtis code book but i will like to know how do i find the key code > on the car is it with the vin number..
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Billy B. Edwards Jr.
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To answer your question Ronnie... Where you're confused is; (some) auto manufacturers can look up the vehicle by VIN on their computer system and find the keycode - along with a wealth of other information about that particular vehicle, including paint codes, drivetrain information, etc.
You (or I) cannot simply look a code (or cuts) by the VIN.
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Bob DeWeese, CML
Ottawa Canada
The key code may or may nlt be marked on the car, but if you phone the car's manufacturer and give them the VIN, they should have it on their computer, at least the code for the keys the car left the plant with.
Subsequent rekeying may or may not be recorded at the manufacturer, depending upon whether an authorized car dealer did the work or not.
The manufacturer may or may not provide the key code information to you.
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Brian K.Lingard
It might not be grown up...but i think this answer is covers my first reaction. ~GapLock
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The manufacturers will not give out key codes over the phone. You have to go into a dealership with proper title and ID. Then you might just get lucky and be able to get the code if the car is not too old. Ford for example only goes back 6-7 years from current production model.
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