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What do the numbers on keys mean? If I give a blank key and just the number to a locksmith, can he cut the right pattern from it?

Thanks in advance.

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not necessarily.. some (house locks) the numbers stamped on the key, for THAT model, are NOT the actual cuts, but are 1 or 2 numbers off the real cuts, but another manufacturer will stamp the actual numbers of the cuts.. I see this a lot with schlage aftermarket for instance. and certain 'copies of the kwikset type' keys as well. for example, the number on teh key is 35246 and the actual cuts are 24135

so, the locksmith cuts you the numbers YOU give him, and the key dont work.. then you get mad..


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Sometimes yes sometimes no. The numbers do not always correspond directly to the bitting. You aren't very specific and sometimes numerical or alpha numerical markings will only be the blank number. They also can be a code which does not directly correspond to the bitting. They can also be plain text of the bitting, although this is not a very good idea. If that's the case there will be one number for each cut on the key and there will be a logical relationship of the numbers to the actual bitting i.e. 12345 would correspond to a key with a stairstep bitting.

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Some numbers on keys are the shape of the keyhole. Such as SC-1 or 1145, or KW-1.

Other numbers are the cuts of the key.

Some are coded, and you have have a code book to look up the number (I'm thinking GM with the punch outs, or Master padlock original keys.)

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