Master 5401 key storage lock

Hi, All !

I run a rental management business and I use many Master model 5401 wall-mounted key storage locks (like this:

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?product_number=5401&numbersearch.x=14&numbersearch.y=10&sub_cat_id=D5401&template=app ). Lately, I faced an epidemy of lost combinations, and I had to replace 3 of those boxes (receipe: pry off using a medium- size crow bar, hoping that the entire wall won't snatch off the house in the process).

At $40 a piece, they're worth some effort saving, don't you think? MasterLock co say they can't do nothing for customer-set combinations, and my local locksmith found nothing better than to suggest I try all

10,000 combinations...

Does anyone have a better suggestion?

Sub-question: does anyone know of combination key storage locks that have a physical override key?



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I haven't seen one of those up close but at that price it may be a simple enough lock that a locksmith may be able to figure it out fairly simply. If you don't get any replys on what someone that has seen one may tell you it would cost, swing one by your local lock shop and have them take a look at it.

Jim Billings

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Jim Billings

I wonder if one would not treat it like a 175 series padlock??? looks the same. sorta, as far as the wheel pack.. if it IS, then a locksmith would have a fair chance.


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