MEDECO MYSTERY - sorry if this comes up as a repost

We do a fair amount of medeco service and installation out of our shop, but
have a situation that I can't seem to figure out.
About three weeks ago we received a call for a lawyers office where their key
to their medeco bodyguard would go into the cylinder but not turn. The lock
was about a year or two old best we could figure. The locksmith on the call
tried the usual stuff, lubricate the lock, probe the lock to make sure all the
pins were free, tried the key numerous times in case a pin spun around, all to
no avail. The people in the office felt that someone might have sabotaged
their locks, but we saw no evidence of glue or toothpicks or anything of that
nature. At that time we drilled out the lock and got the people in (always fun
to drill a bodyguard)
Today, we get a call that they are having the same problem. Again no signs of
tampering. the locksmith is there now drilling out this cylinder, which I told
him to bring back in tact as best as he can along with all of the other pieces
so I can try to figure this mystery out. Anyone ever experience anything like
this? Too much coincidence to come across two locks like this in a matter of a
month, both in the same location. i would agree with the sabotage part,
especially since it's a lawyers office, but just don't see any obvious evidence
of that.
thank you
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