Need Locks ( Any solution to my problem..)

I need locks for my small business ( 5 Locks) motel.
1. It is not in USA. But I can pickup in USA.
2. I need simple system.
3. There is a care taker for my motel, but I want to be able to control
the room usage remotely.
Is there someway the locks has a mechanism which need the care taker
call me everytime when he lets out the room for rent. I can set some
time say day or two and the key code becomes invalid and he has to call
me again.
My problem is we are away from the motel, cant be in the motel all the
time. But I am looking for some solution which gives me more control.
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Depends on the amount of control/hassle you want. The common hotel solution is Onity. However that is not a remote situation. You could use a higher level access control with a modem also. Again, how much control/hassle do you want to possess remotely. You would be better off to have local control rather than not trusting your on site people.
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