Need recommendation for keyless entry system.

I need a recommendation for a keyless entry system. This would be used on an astronomical observatory. We'll need two locks, one for the outside door, and one to get in the office. The observatory is in the middle of nowhere, about 1 hour drive from any city which would employ a locksmith, so we need to be able to buy, install and maintain the lock ourselves. The purpose of the lock will be to eliminate the need to deliver keys to members who reserve the observatory for a particular time. But we don't want people to be able to enter any time they like, so we need to change the combination as frequently as possible. If there are some available which automatically change the combo at a given time, then those get bonus points. If we can have a different combo a key required to change the current combo, that'll be great too. We're a non-profit organization, so cost is always a concern. My goal is to persuade the board to replace the current lock (a Kwikset, ...Yes REALLY) with something better. I'd like to present as many options as possible, so if you know of any keyless entry system which might work, post it here. I'll need to know how much, and where I can buy it, so links to on-line stores are more than welcome. I'd like to avoid spending all day calling locksmiths explaining what we need. I've found this one, which seems like what we need, but I can't seem to find a reference as to whether or not the combo can be changed by the end user:

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Any and all help is appreciated.

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Greg Miller
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Most electronic systems can be set up with "one-time codes"; a fair number can be set up with codes that are active for a limited time before disabling themselves. Most of these require that a human be there and enter a "master" code before adding new combos, either manually or via a programming box of some sort. (Some can be programmed via IR link from a Palm Pilot; others use dedicated boxes or hardwired; most can be programmed from the keyboard but that's a bit of a pain when you want to do things like time limits.)

I don't know of any keyless systems which automatically generate new combos, since that requires that you have a program which knows what the next combo will be, which exposes you to some risk if someone can get their paws on the program. Hotel key-card locks do have a mechanism whereby each new legitimate key automatically invalidates the previous one, but you're looking for a keyless solution for obvious reasons.

Last I knew, the Weiser Powerbolt wasn't considered highly reliable. The combo can definitely be changed by the user, but I believe it only supports one (maybe two, master plus user) combos at a time. I don't think it does timed cancellation of old combos.

I understand that you want to keep the costs down, and I understand that what you've got now is a Kwikset, but beware of buying too cheap and having a unit that's too much of a pain to use -- because that will either result in the combo not being changed often enough, or in someone deciding it's too much trouble and going back to the key.

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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam

Marks ique is a very well made lock It will fit your needs. I can speak from experience Marks is the best Value.

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It will cost considerably more than a kwickset, but you get what you pay for I don't know the cost of equipment in an obseratory but I am sure it is worth putting a decent lock on it.

There are other manufacturers that make a similiar product. .

Contact me if you need more info

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Billy B. Edwards Jr.

Hello, check out my site I just put online a few weeks ago. Because you are a non profit group I will try to beat any price you find online. I am still adding products and have many keyless locks to add but, I do have Kaba Ilco & Alarm lock online. Alarm Lock makes a nice unit but expensive; you can get software that allows you to do what you described & also download whenever the lock has been accessed etc... Even if a unit has the ability to re-set the combo from a different location, I do not recommend that because (this is a locksmith speaking) you always want to check & make sure it is operating properly.

Something else you need to keep in mind, depending on your location is the American Disability Act- ADA laws. If you find something you like, let me know & if you want to discuss this in more detail contact me utilizing my contact page at my site.

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