Trilogy / AlarmLock keyless entry systems

My company recently moved into an office where there are several
Trilogy keyless entry systems on interior doors. They must be older
ones as they are not quite like the ones on the web page
formatting link

We have two kinds: one with the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and the AL key and
one with the numbers 0-9, * and AL. Both seem to take 5 digit codes.
Removing power caused them to default to the passcode 1-2-3-4-5-AL.
Does anyone have any idea how to reprogram these locks?
Many thanks in advance.
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Yes I do, but you can usually find the manuals on their website. If you can, then let me know.
Jack Allied Lock & Security, Inc. Atlanta, GA
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Hey, thanks for the reply. The only instructions I found were for presumably newer sets that had six digit codes. I tried to follow them for the older sets, but it did not work.
The manuals seem to be tucked away in a password protected trade-only section.
Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.
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Send me an e-mail at Remove the second bobb from the address. I have access to that password protected area and I will try to help you. I probably have hard copies of the instructions in my file too. These are good locks execpt for the lever return spring. They break. Let me know when yours break and I'll sell you new ones.
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Bob B.
Bob! Thank you so much. You gave me *exactly* what I needed. Thanks to you I look like a hero at work as everyone else had given up on getting the locks to work as we wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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