Need some help here with Schlage keys


I have a Schlage deadbolt lock on my front and back door. I needed to get an extra copy made so I went to Home Depot and they made me 2 extra keys. Well, when I got home both did not work.

Is there something special with Schlage locks/keys that I cant make duplicates with?

TIA jonp

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2 things.... on YOUR KEY, there should be a little tiny letter stamped down by the cuts... C E or something.,,,, their key should say the SAME LETTER... if yours says C, then their copy might say SC1

does it go in the lock?

if it does, then their machine could be off... and thousands matter....

--Shiva-- nuk pu nuk

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Sounds like incompetent operation of a key duplicating machine. Remember, a couple of thousandths of an inch can make the difference between a good key and a bad one.

Go back to HD and complain, or go somewhere with a more competent staff (eg, a real locksmith).

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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam

Your experience is typical. Home Depot or any dime store etc does not really care if the keys they make work or not. If you bring them back, you are going to have to run the gauntlet a second time and you will probably buy something else.

Your local locksmith on the other hand prides himself on keys that work good. You probably know this already as you asked us.

On some this is true, but probably not on the ones you have.

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Roger Shoaf

Nothing special. They are just well made locks, with good machining tolerances.

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Stormin Mormon

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