Newbie:Keeping people out.

First I want to state that I have some knowledge of locks and picking them,
My primary hobby is pinball and video collecting/restoration.
I make my living in the medical field and at this point have no desire to
become a locksmith. However I do want to keep people out of my garage.
What is the best way to convert a single keyed electronic lock to either an
ACE or other round tumbler lock?
(so far no one has attempted to break in, but I know single sided keys are
too easy to pick).
Could someone provide a source to purchase and electronically key ACE type
of lock? (more sucure then "ye olde computer lock").
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and picking them,
have no desire to
of my garage.
lock to either an
single sided keys are
electronically key ACE type
picking has not showed to be the perferred method of intrusion.
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momentary or on/off? 7pin ace/chicago is not that expensive. your local locksmith should have them instock.. less then $20.00 hope this helped!
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"RC" da "PCDJ
When you say "a single keyed electronic lock" do you really mean a key operated switch (that presumably connects to an elcric locking device, or garage door opener)? If so one of the main considerations is what happens if someone just rips the entire keyswitch out of the wall. Typically these may only be an SPST switch so you don't exactly have to be Mr. Wizard to figure out how to make the door open. Twenty years ago or so external key swithches were widely used to shunt alarm systems. They have fallen out of favor precisely for the reason stated. Heavy duty tamper resistant switches were available but not sure if you can find them any more. You might want to visit the hardware dept. at Sears and look at the external wireless keypads they have for garage doors 9no keys or wires). At any rate ACE lock key switches are available from alarm suppliers. Just be aware there is a whole raft of specialized picking equipment designed for them.
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Jim Gaynor
For that style of lock, check with garage door installers, they should have some to sell ya.
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What you do is when you wire the switch, solder the wire to the terminals and then use plug connectors in such a way as if someone rips the lock cylinder the wires will drop and contact can not be made.
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Roger Shoaf
Yes, you can contact me off group, I have a system that could be perfect. Its an electronic Ace key. I just need to know more about what your hardware is, so that I can tell whether or not there is a conversion readily available.
Jack Atlanta, GA
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