Not your average pay-per-click

There is a new system of advertising now available that is ten times more successful then typical pay-per-click advertising.

It's called "Common Interest Advertising" and it is opening up new door ways for companies wanting to form a relationship with potential customers interested in their services.

Here's the way the system can work for you. A new e-book has been written on the subject of personal safety and home security. This book is very well written and highly targeted to people who are interested in this subject.

  1. All names and e-mails will be collected before they download the book and then passed on to you. ( you can follow up even if they haven't been to your site.)

  1. In the beginning of the book you will be shown as the sponsor that paid, so that they could have this information for free. (This will put you in a very positive position in their eyes.)

  2. As they read along they will come to a location in the book where the author actually refers to your company as the one that he recommends. ( There is nothing like a personal recommendation from an authority figure like an author)

4 Farther down in the book you will place a display ad that is in proportion with the size of a computer screen. (this is very graphic and really stands out on a back drop of text.)

5 A series of 6 e-mails will be sent out giving the customer additional information that isn't in the book and a compelling reason to go directly to your site and peruse your excellent products and services.

You don't pay a penny until they visit your site. All of this for the same price you would expect to pay for pay-per-click advertising with Google or Yahoo.

This is an extremely limited offer. At this time there is only one book on this subject available and we will not make allow more then 3 advertisers.

There will be only one advertiser in each category.

Personal defense: Mace, stun guns, etc. Home and business security: Alarm systems, security guards, etc. Self defense training: martial arts schools, Video series training, etc.

If you are interested and would like more information please contact us as soon as possible.

Lance Mock

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