Permanent Jewellery

I'm interested in the concept of permanent jewellery; neckchains,
Collars, bracelets/bangles, ankle chains, etc.
I'm looking for someone who has either had experience of this or
can point me in the right direction for how to go about getting
permanent jewellery. Are there any kink-friendly jewellers in
the UK North West [Manchester] area who'd be willing to help.
I've experimented with chains with clasps squeezed closed with a
pair of pliers; considered sealing the clasp in some way, and
also used dog collar choke type chains with padlocks.
I am looking for a supplier of solid metal cuffs/bangles and
collars. I'm not interested in lockable ones or leather but
a metal type. I would like to have 'fitted' a permanent or
semi permanent cuff (fairly thin, but still heavy) and maybe
a similar collar.
What I'm really looking for is a nice 'sealed' bangle/bracelet
and a 'sealed' neckchain/metal collar - something that would be
very difficult to remove.
Yes, I understand and appreciate the risks of maybe having a
fairly permanent item, but I've been searching for years for
someone who can supply and possible fit such a cuff or collar.
Please email me at with any thoughts.
I don't have regular access to Newsgroups and tend to read
emails via the web, so if you reply on the newsgroup it may be
sometime before I get your posting.
I know I'm going to get loads of SPAM after this message is
posted, so the email address is only temporary - if you have
any information that will help in my search, I'll then email
you back with my regular Email address.
I have worn a fairly fashionable bangle for sometime, but it
is relatively easy to remove, if I really wanted to. (a small
screw fitting like a cartier bangle) I'm really wanting something
a bit more solid and permanent. It would still need to look 'normal'
so to speak and not stand out too much. I work in quite a formal
office environment.
I can travel 'for the fitting' but I would welcome the opportunity
of chatting with someone within the North West of England.
This is very much a genuine request and all responses via email
will receive a reply.
Many Thanks, Liam
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Slancha Liam --
If you have a jeweler that is willing to work with you, what you are wanting them to do is solder the item closed. Now, the safety concern is that in the event of injury swelling could cause blood to be cut off, so most likely for safety sake it should be relatively loose fitting. Depending on the material involved you could learn to solder silver or gold (gold is a bit easier.) Other cheaper materials are not as easily soldered.
As well, I have seen people actually seal barbell type jewelry with a drop of super glue (cyanoacrylate) or other thread locking such as LockTite could certainly be used. Locktite has a threadlocking compound that would have to be heated pretty hot to be removed. This works well for the items that have the ball end that threads on.
Hope this helps.
-- A
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