PING Evan!!

Look Evan, you have to understand that you are dealing with LOCKSMITHS here and while they might be sincere people, they are not exactly known for their brains.

IOW, any idiot with a decent amount of practice can pick open a typical lock and certainly any moron can install one.

Unfortunately, the internet has exposed the locksmithing trade as a sham filled with shills and has done so not in a mean way but in the spirit of free information.

Remember the 1970's?

James Bond type movies where the hero picks open a lock (minus tension wrench 99 percent of the time) and it all seems so technical and secretive.

And the smiths' did everything they could to keep it that way including not allowing laypersons to subscribe to their "secret" magazines, and not allowing wholesalers to sell to non locksmiths and so forth. Sulley used to piss of the 'smiths to no end! So did that idiot who sold codes, and I can't remember his name....

Fast forwad to the 2000's and we have the internet.

All of the above is now history..................

Sure the locksmiths will scream about the grade of lockset you buy at the box store and yes they have a point. That is up until the the thief smashes a window to get into your house. IOW don't waste your money. No common thief picks locks to gain entry unless he knows you have a Picasso in there and has no choice.

Sorry, but locksmithing is a dead trade.

Sure you can make money ripping off poor fools in tourist trap towns who have locked their keys in their car, but the smart ones will have a AAA subscription or at last resort break a window to gain entry.

The locksmith trade operates on fear and secrets. But the funny part is that every time they have a trade show, the articles appear in the trade rags about how all kinds of tools, supplies etc got stolen from the show.

This used to happen all the time at the MLNJ show in NJ...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what happens if you hit the airbag sensor in the door.....

OOOOOOOOOOOO....take a look at the 'smith who is trying to open your door while looking at the latest edition of Autosmart or ProLok.....Do you think HE has a clue? Doubtful unless you own a bread and butter car like a Cavalier or Crown Vic....

And BTW while the 'smith can, and usually WILL cause all kinds of damage probing around in your door looking for the linkage, the airbag system is set up so that the computer has to see the car moving at about 10mph (or so) as well as the accelerometers going off (can you say, I just hit a wall!) BEFORE it will trigger the airbags... Sure, he can buther the wires in there, but the chances are greater that he fuxks up your stereo, scratches your door long b4 your airbag system......

Sorry, but locksmithing is a dead end.......

and anyone who calls one to do work is a fool.

How do I know?

My family was 4 generations of proud, honest 'smiths and when my dad retired he did so because he couldn't deal with the fact that the trade had gone down the sewer.

I went to school, got my BSEE and never looked back.............

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What happened, did your wife leave you for a locksmith?


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