pinning kit box

I am not satisfied with the norwegian locksmith suppliers, and I want help
to find some better.
1. Can anyone post a name for some you use and are happy with?
2. I found a pinning kit at the web, and I want some of these. But I need an
empty one, don't need the pins.
Anyone knowing this type of box?
Where can I get them as cheap as possible
formatting link
the kit
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E Hallstensen
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just get the box with the pins. there are not that many of them and you will use them anyway..
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Make one? Two pieces of wood, a Forstner bit or other bit that cuts a flat-bottomed hole, hinges and a latch, and a bit of time...
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Joe Kesselman
I once made a very nice pin holder from a 12" piece of 2x4.I drilled in 12(2 rows of 6) holes with an auger bit-then used a countersink bit to widen them out.Then three other holes for c-rings and other small parts.I still use it in the shop today.
For this guy-I think 2 - 24" pieces of 2x12? Maybe some foam to seal it good?
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gee, local hardware store.. small plastic compartmented 'milk colored' plastic boxes, WITH FIXED DIVIDERS..
got one for Schlage, and KW.. 12 compartments in each, about 1.5"+ or so square compartments..can even stick keys in them on the diagnoal. got another one holds the cams and carriages for my Clipper.. the lid snaps on PRETTY good..
smaller boxes.. 8 compartment, 1 holds the GM ign wafers and springs, and the second holds the door wafers and springs..
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