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Hello, I understand defeating instructions are not given out on the open forum. I can send information privately if you don't wish to respond to the open group.

I recently got a call from someone who lost a key to "The Club", they didn't need a new key, just in. I turned it down as I was unfamiliar. I don't really like turning work down, so I was hoping someone here could give me some information. I have never really dealt with these and was wondering if these could be picked easily, and what sort of keyblank they took.

Thanks, Donovan Stokes

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I've only played with them. It was relatively easy to manipulate. I was at my mother in law's house. She has 3 clubs, but could not find the keys for two of them. I didn't have picks with me, so I raked it with the key I did have. When we finally located the correct key, it had rather different cuts than the one I used.



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Any locksmith and most amateurs can easily open the club. I you are a locksmith you will have no problem.

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yes they can be picked.. the club has many different blanks.

note: the club is a joke. also, I would advise pointing out its false security to your customer.


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The original "The Club" locks I've seen have very elementary wafer tumbler locks. The blanks are some what like the Datsun blanks of the 70's and 80's. At one point I had depth and spacing, but would have no clue where to find them any more. Try what you have in the way of foreign car blanks, and impression. Or pick quite easily.

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