Window Lock recs?

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Depends on the lock. Although I will concede that most of them which will thwart somebody breaking a pane out are arguably a potential fire hazzard.
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As noted, there are fire safety issues here which have to be carefully considered.
Most manufactured window locks aren't worth the money.
The traditional suggestion is to drill a hole that allows you to insert an eye-bolt through the inner sash and part-way into the outer one, at a slight angle so it won't fall out if shaken. That gives reasonable strength at low cost. Obviously, when drilling the holes make sure you're well clear of the edge of the glass. This won't keep someone inside the room from opening it... but that's an advantage in a fire, and that isn't what you're trying to guard against.
Another traditional solution: Trim your shrubbery and install lights to make folks visible if they try to climb in the windows. That by itself can be enough to significantly discourage this form of attack.
If you're in a really high crime situation, there are gratings which can be installed that have a quick-release mechanism in case of fire. But they tend to be ugly.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
them which will
potential fire hazzard.
my point being: if the lock is that hard to defeat ? a thief would probably just break the glass.
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Dunno about that, the ones I have cost maybe 4 bucks each, they are probably worth that. They are a little stop that swings out of the way to allow the window to be operated. Neat installation with no loose parts like the home-made way. I have them set so the window can be 4 or 5 inches up for ventilation.
Could someone very strong ram the sash up & bust 'em? Maybe, but then remember, its a (glass) WINDOW, if somebody weak wanted to, they could just break the glass anyway.
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Right. There are of course some of them that require a key, special wrench, etc. But then the fire hazzard part comes into play.
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