would this open and start my dodge neon 1995

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Hey Key,

A Neon isn't even close to a van. Get some sleep! :)

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Bob DeWeese, CML

locksmith company



hand, that he may

because he cares

yea, my bad.. would also have been my responce on the neon.

good nite :-)

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The usual reply would be to say that you need to get the *really* good set instead. This set only has 35 picks - try for at least 75. At lest

15 tension wrenches would give a lot more alternatives than the 6 tension wrenches included in this kit. This kit doesn't even have any broken key extractors mentioned - 5 of those would help round out the set. In addition, 15-20 warded lock picks would fill in that missing area. ... All of these are needed to meet the claim of "ultimate pick set"!

That's the usual reply - do you understand? :-)

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Henry E Schaffer

I got one of those kits. I sent it back after finding out it didn't have a nose-pick

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Or a tooth pick, or a guitar pick, or a shovel to go with the picks. Or a relaxation wrench to go with the tension wrenches.

I don't know whether my standard comment on this is in the FAQs or not, but I'll say it again: Lockpicks aren't magic. They just let you reach inside the lock. Bad tools, or the wrong tools, may make the job harder than it has to be, but outside of that it's all skill. Dexterity, practice, knowledge, practice, experience, practice, patience, practice and practice.

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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam

Would a pencil write poetry? Would an axe chop a tree? Would a spoon mix a cake?

It depends in some regards on the equipment, and a larger regard on the operator.

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Stormin Mormon

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