Ok you Model building pukes--pop open the glue, and start sniffin!!!!

I went to the local hobby store today and loaded up on Tetors!!!!!!
Gonna start sniffin glue pretty heavy for the next WEEK!
You see, contrary to what you might envision, I will be getting MARRIED
next Saturday!!!!
Thats right, to a woman!!!!
But you know what?
I got all my models sitting on the shelf behind me right now!
And a tube of tetors up my nose!
And I bet you all thought I wasnt capable of such a thing???????
Start Sniffin!!!!!!!!
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Gee, I have heard anyone refer to their hand as a woman.
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Gee, I have not heard anyone refer to their hand as a woman.
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Just wait an see...
Ciao di
Tomislav Martan 9A4Tc
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(On-line at last...)
in article snipped-for-privacy@c13g2000cwb.googlegroups.com, snipped-for-privacy@myself.com at snipped-for-privacy@myself.com wrote on 7/12/04 6:19 am:
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Duke Nukem
Maybe we'll get lucky if he bought Krazy Glue by mistake......
-- John The history of things that didn't happen has never been written. . - - - Henry Kissinger
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The Old Timer
Dennis, Congratulations. To your intended: "You'll be sorry!' Hope that shelf doesn't break, otherwise you'll have a pile of crap to clean up (or make a new diorama).
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He can use that "tetors" stuff to fix it.Did he mention if she's foam rubber or inflatable?Or will she just bleet at the ceremony? ;-)
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maybe he'll drink a testor's screw-glue and oj.
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Az, your mother is calling you "Norman, get up here" Kim M
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Good- I just spit my wine on the keyboard..... Kim M
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Just what we need more in breeding.
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Anyone who has *actually* built a model in his life... would not refer to the glue as "tetors"... let alone do so *twice*.
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Greg Heilers
in article Uoutd.4579$ snipped-for-privacy@newsread1.news.pas.earthlink.net, Greg Heilers at snipped-for-privacy@earthNOSPAMlink.net wrote on 12/7/04 9:19 PM:
Maybe he lost his S from too much huffing.
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Milton Bell
Well, if he lost his S that might explain some of his 'models'.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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I always thought he was full of hit.
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Jeff C

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