I'm sorry............ go to go!

I recently started a topic 'Keyless entry'......... I'm sorry I did. I'm taking the best advice offered and I'm moving to Internet Locksmith. This newsgroup is a strange collection of some locksmiths and another whole group of absolute derilicts... I can see why some advised me that this was no place to discuss reak locksmithing issues here. I totally believe that now. My experience with IL has been a great one. My advice to those serious about our trade, is to leave this place to the totally strange and join some professional sites. Those wishing to increase their knowledge regarding locksmiting......................... get a license and work hard.

This has been my 2 cents.................... don't try and spend it anywhere.

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sorry I did. I'm

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another whole group

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believe that now.

those serious about

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work hard.

and spend it

there are many professionals here that are very serious about our trade. too bad they are clouded by the many "derelicts" that have been trolling this group lately.

g'day & g'luck

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Only a couple absolute derilicts, that post anything anyway.

I can see why some advised me that this was no

Lots of real locksmthing issues can be discussed here.

There are non-locksmiths on those sites too. They are just serious enough about what they want to learn for whatever reason they want to learn it that you will probably never know who they are.

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He's right. This is no place to come and learn locksmithing as a way of life. This is an open forum. The best place to really learn over the net is on a restricted site.

This place is for helping people with generel questions. That is the way it always has been.

That being said I must admit lately this site has gone south. All the unethical post by a certain person (Brad?), the cursing, the back stabing. It's really bringing this group down. I have thought about plonking the whole group but then I think about the people out there that come here that really need my help who dont have a clue about locksmithing and I think twice about plonking the group. It's a shame how a few bad apples can spoil the bunch. I may reconsider in the near future. It's just not the same anymore. To all the regulars here I'm sorry but it's getting old.

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Glen Cooper

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