WTB: Medeco Patriot cylinders with or without keys...

Alright everyone, I'll say from the onset that this is a bit of an odd
I've come into possession of six unregistered Medeco Patriot keycards
and key pairs, but have no cylinders to go with them!
I am looking for any variety of Medeco cylinder that uses the standard
Patriot keyway. These cylinders may come with operating keys, but they
are not requisite as the cylinder will be re-keyed anyway. Cylinders
that come with keys AND the matching Patriot Authorization Card are not
called for at this time. Uncombinated Patriot cylinders are also
welcome. :-)
Thanks all!
P.S. If anyone is interested in any of these keycards and keypairs, let
me know.
P.P.S. I know that if I got the keycards from a third party the
security of the system has already been compromised, yadda yadda
yadda...I'm not too concerned about that particular issue, as I'm just
looking for cylinders at this point in time.
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