Aligning chopped carbon fibers

I have a need to orient random chopped carbon fibers (1" long, 10
microns diameter) into a large flat area (like a sheet of paper) - as
uniformly distributed and aligned (parallel) as reasonably possible. A
high packing density would be preferred. I know you can use an electric
field on glass fibers, but that won't work on conductive fibers. I
could use a temporary 'carrier' to help if it can be completely removed
afterwards. Tweezers and a magnifying glass are just too tedious.
More useful suggestions would be appreciated.
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Dr. Mike
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I heard somewhere that you can plate carbon fibers with electroless Nickel. If your application permits this than you can use a magnet to align plated fibers.
Boris Mohar
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Boris Mohar
The invention of Polaroid polarizing film consisted of finding a way to align small needle-like crystals. This was done by embedding the crystals in the film and stretching the film in one direction.
It may be worth noting that when chopped fibers are used as a reinforcing filler in injection molded plastic, the fibers align to the direction of flow of the plastic.
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Mark Thorson

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