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Did anybody ever use body putty? Can somebody recommend a good brand? I need to buy a gallon. Also, it would be great if somebody could explain the process of using putty to remove dents in cars. Also, what are the main properties you expect of a body putty?

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Stuff I'm familair with is polyester resin which is cured by crosslinking with styrene. You mix resin/styrene mix with catalyst and have about 15 minutes to smooth it over the dent before it sets up. When cured, you sand down to smooth out dent and paint. Obviously not as tough as steel, it is just a cosmetic repair. Frank

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Frank Logullo

Pretty damn tough, actually. Hit a properly cured chunk hard with a big hammer and see what happens. I've seen 5 pound hammers bounce away violently with only minor scrapes resulting on the putty surface.

"Blue Moon" brand body filler is another good one. Main desirable properties of body filler include:

1) high viscosity 2) stickyness (bond-ability) 3) cured toughness (not just hardness) 4) curing time allowance for working with it (yes, 15 minutes is about right for what I've seen)

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Also, be sure you don't apply it over rust. Even auto manufacturers use it in their final prep before shipping cars to dealers.-Jitney

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