I'm looking for a shop in Manhanttan that cares with optical instruments for the textile industry. I'm looking specifically for a simple lens under which I can count the thread in the warp and weft directions.

Is there somebody who can help me with this urgent information?

Thank you very much.

Best regads, Leila

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Stamp and coin collectors use magnifying lenses that have a fixed focal distance and a ruled square opening, which should be adequate for your needs. You can go to just about any old collectible stamp and coin shop, and get one for less than $20.00... Manhattan, eh? Try this search link:

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Or use a yellow pages search of your choice for Hobbies - Stamps, or somesuch...

Regards, R. David Zopf

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David Zopf

Leila: Also try any large camera store. First, know the jargon. This type of folding magnifier with a square base with inch or millimeter scales and a 5X to 10X lens is usually called a "linen tester" (for obvious reasons).

Pittsburgh Pete

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These show up frequently on eBay, ranging from a simple lens in a brass mount with a spring-loaded foot that pops out to hold the lens at a fixed distance from a 1 inch square frame, to a device in its own animal skin case with a finely machined leadscrew, etc. Here's what I found currently available:

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All in England, I'm afraid.

Try searching on thread + magnifier.

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Mark Thorson

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