Need a prototype development house near Charlotte

I've got a little problem with limited resources in my area. I know a
number of machine shops that can make parts for me, but what I really
need is a prototype development house . . . people who take the parts
and help me try to make my designs get off the ground, wring out
problems, tweak and test. I'm busy with design -- don't have the
equipment or the time to do much more. Yes, I know all about
rapid-prototyping -- am using such technology pretty heavily and that's
not what I'm talking about. There are several prototype developing
places around, but each has fairly major weaknesses. Whereas one might
be heavy on Industrial Design (I don't need it, don't WANT it, and
besides that I use IBM compatibles and the applications that run on
them, not a Mac), another is disorganized and dirty, and another has
nobody who has much experience in Web-based communication and/or
computers in general. Anybody know of a shop within striking distance
of Charlotte, North Carolina that might fill the bill?
Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton
Watermark Design, LLC
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