Need material that's like linoleum without twine backing

I'm looking for some material that has the same characteristics as the
olive/tan colored linoleum you find in art supply stores. I.e. - can
be precisely sanded, readily cut with an X-acto knife etc. I would
need it to come either in approx. 1/8" sheets or be readily mixable so
that you could pour it into a flat sheet of uniform thickness.
The reason I ask is I can't seem to find the linoleum in the art
stores without the twine backing molded into it and the cloth gets in
the way of what I'm trying to do with it. Does it come in those thin
sheets without the backing?
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The linoleum sold for printmakers is much too fragile to be sold without a backing since it would never withstand a run through a press, much less repeated runs, without the backing.
I think what you might be looking for is "CORK" material. It is sold in sheets of varying thickness and without any backing. I can't refer you, but a search for "cork" on google should turn up suppliers. Aside from that you might explore such things as silicon materials sold in liquid form for mold making, etc.
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Cal Dia
How about pvc floor tiles?
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