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Hello all!

I am a sculptor starting a project in stainless- It is an outdoor piece, three small tree forms that will act as sun shades for a poolside location.

Just bought a TA Prowave 185, after reading through lots of discussions, and it seems to work really well. I just ran my first bead after a few stutters and goofs- it looks pretty to me. There are a few places on the back side of the weld where crap seems to be forming- a very small scale, like one little growth on the back of a three inch bead. So ive read about providing a backing gas, obviously that is the way to prevent the oxides, but how important is it? will rust start here? How would you provide gas to a joint when the back is far inside a structure? How much gas to flow?

thanks for the feedback- Anthony Castronovo

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Google this group for "back purge" or "backpurge".

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Grant Erwin

Very if the piece will be outside.


Normally you use Argon as a back purging gas, but for larger pieces you can use Nitrogen.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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