1/16 din enclosure

I need to mount a single 1/16 din temperature controller in some sort of box. It is already in a 1/16 din package -- I just need something premade to slide the unit into. I have looked in catalog upon catalog and can't find this. The unit is (mm) 48x48x110. What should I be searching for? Thanks.

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Flx Cpy
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Dear Flx Cpy:

If you have a jigsaw, you can cut your own opening in a fiberglass enclosure easily. Vynckier is well represented and makes inexpensive enclosures like this. Remember to measure twice, and cut once. Also, you can file an opening larger, but not smaller.

The supplier of the DIN controller may offer this as an option, premade. Additionally, the house that sold it to you can probably make such an enclosure for you.

David A. Smith

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