2D interpolation on a FE trinagular mesh

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I am testing an interface between fluid flow (groundwater) and a soil deformation FE-model. Due to differences in the constitutive laws there are different discretization requirements within each of the FE models. Therefore I am looking for a fortran routine/code that will perform a kind of (linear) interpolation (or simple kriging) from the node values of the finer mesh on the coarser one.

There are some routines around that interpolate on a regular grid, bit I want an interpolation from the fine trinagular mesh to the coarser other triangular mesh.

Anybody any hints on where to find a routine that will known read x,y, value and interpolate on a new x_n, y_n field?



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YEARS ago, I had access to the IBM Scientific Subroutine package...I'm sure it has such a routine(s) but

you'll have to buy or rent access unless you can find a printed edition

now called IBM engineer scientific subroutine library

cheers Bob

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One of the best performing options would be natural neighbor interpolation. The NCAR graphics library

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has a natural neighbor routine that could be adapted. The documentation is here:
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Interpolating from a fine mesh to a coarse mesh is easier than the other way around so you could try a simpler method; e.g., nearest neighbor, inverse distance weighted.

This paper

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has a really good summary of interpolation methods.

Dave Parker

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