Advice for BSME with software development experience

I graduated four years ago with a degree in mechanical engineering. I
have been working as a software engineer since then. I think in my
next job I'd like to combine my work experience with what I studied in
college. Most of my experience is with developing windows software.
I'm really interested in finding a job developing engineering software
What I'd like to know is:
What types of jobs should I be looking for?
What specific skills should I try to develop before I begin my job
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Michael S
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Don't limit yourself to just "robotics". There are many other industries that could use a ME with programming skills. Consider embedded systems programming. Many products designed and sold today have embedded microcontrollers, microprocessors, or digital signal processors. Consider medical/biomedical fields, material handling, automotive, consumer goods, appliances, etc. I have combined my programming skills with ME expertise in both the medical device industry and RV industry. Good Luck!
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Try cell-phones. Somewhere in the world is somebody capable of inventing a cell-phone that even I could figure out how to use.
-- Phlip
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You could maybe try CAD systems and associated tools or FEA tools. The Video Games industry likes employing Engineers for working on Physics Engines. It really depends on if you want to be an Engineer with Software skills or a Software Engineer with Engineering skills.
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